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A constant juggling act

For Task Force Taal Lake, a multisectoral group composed of the provincial government, DENR and local government units, the dual task of protecting the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape from those obstructing the site, while ensuring the sustainability of the aquaculture industry in Batangas province remains a challenge three years after the panel’s creation.
The ultimate convergence initiative

A major strength of the DENR is its ability to establish linkages with other government agencies and private partners. A testament to such strong convergence is a model project called Balik Probinsiya, which has the DENR working closely with three other departments: Agriculture, Agrarian Reform and Social Welfare and Development, and the provincial government.
The mangrove forest: a hub of life in the heart of Quezon

The mangrove is one of the most underrated plants in the Philippines. Most people think it’s useless because it bears no colorful or delicious fruits as sold in the markets, but it does have exemplary qualities that actually make it more essential in the promotion of biodiversity, compared to its more popular cousins.