Binahaan River Watershed Forest Reserve (BRWFR)

Only 150 kilometers away from Manila and 2-5 kilometers from Maharlika Highway or Barangay Binahaan in Pagbilao, Quezon, the Binahaan River Watershed Forest Reserve (BRWFR) is an excellent spot for outdoor enthusiasts who want to take in the beauty of nature and the rich biodiversity in the region.

The 465-hectare forest reserve proclaimed as a protected area under Proclamation No. 735 on May 29, 1991 is mainly composed of a lush tropical rainforest with a list of dipterocarp species a mile long.

Apitong (Dipterocarpus grandiflorus), Bolong-eta (Diospyros pilosanthera), Mahogany (Swietenia macroplylla), Lamio (Dracontamelon edule), Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) Whilte lauan (Shorea contorta), Dalingdingan (Hopea foxworthyi), Red lauan (Shorea negrosensis), Pagsahingin (Canarium asperum), Kamagong (Diospyros philippinensis), Bagtikan (Parashorea malaanonan), Mayapis (Shorea palosapis) and Almon (Shorea almon) are only part of the list of species that flourish in the rainforest.

BRWFR is also known for habitats of various wildlife such as birds like the Rufous coucal (Centropus unirufus), Philippine Forest kingfisher (Ceyx melanurus), Spotted wood kingfisher (Halcyon lindasyi), Luzon little crow (Corvus enca), Philippine turtle dove (Streptopelia bitourquata), Orioles (Oriolus Chinensis), hawk (Aviceda jergoni), Tarictic hornbill (Penelopides Panini), Brahminy kite (Hallastus Indus) and Rufous hornbill (Bucerous hydrocorax).

Local species like the Philippine Monkey, Philippine Deer and Philippine Rind Rat also call the rainforest their home, along with reptiles like pit vipers, salamanders and monitor lizards.

BRWFR is bound by mountain ridges that divide in the North Eastern portion and broken by small gullies and ravines along upstream of various creeks and rivers.

The climate in the area is very distinct with very pronounced maximum rain period from October to January. Annual rainfall averages about 3,147.40 mm. Average temperature ranges from 23.7ºC in December to 29.0ºC in June.

More than an ecotourism site, the watershed is the source of water used for irrigation of hundreds of hectares of rice land of the lower villages of Barangay Binahaan and vicinities. It also supplies water for domestic use to more than a thousand households.


Hiking, trekking, swimming and bird watching are the most popular activities in the area as the BRWFR has beautiful waterfalls within the watershed area that tourists can enjoy.

Because of the wealth of endemic flora and fauna, the site is also ideal for educational trips for students, researchers and environmentalists.

However, it is advised that visitors to the site coordinate with the barangay properly before embarking on any activities in the watershed area for their own safety.


The area is accessible by land, 150 km ride from Manila to Brgy. Binahaan, Pagbilao, Quezon and about 2 to 5 km hike from Maharlika Highway to the area.


Reynulfo A. Juan – Regional Executive Director
DENCRIS Business Center, National Highway, Brgy. Halang, Calamba City, Laguna
Contact No.: (049) 502-7500

Emiliano Leviste – CENRO Pagbilao/Protected Area Superintendent (PASu)
CENRO Pagbilao, Quezon
Contact No. (042) 710-2815

The Protected Area Management Board (PAMB)