Paminitan Protected Landscape

Spelunkers and hikers consider the Paminitan Protected Landscape (PPL) in Sitio Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal a must see location for good reason.

Aside from providing visitors with a taste of history, with its caves known as a haven for the Katipuneros during the Spanish era, the PPL is also where two of the most popular caves in the country are located – the Pamitinan Cave and the Bat Cave.

The 570-meter Pamitinan cave is known for its rich stalactites and stalagmites, most of which are still active. There are also flowstone sheets and rimstone dams (gour pools) found in the cave; crystal linings are found at Bulwagan. Calcite and Dolomite are the common minerals found inside the cave. Cave cracks can be observed near the entrance whereas debris of massive coral can be seen in the latter part of the cave.

During the summer, when the water level at the Wawa Dam is low, the Bat cave becomes accessible to tourists when it is possible to trek across it. This is also the time when nipa huts equipped with videoke machines are used by small business owners to take advantage of the tourist season.

The Bat cave itself is formed in the interboundary of Angat Formation and Madlum Formation with the former conformably underlains the latter. There are few hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites within the Bat cave and also numerous rimstone dams (gour pools) but some have dried up. Crystal linings can be observed on cave walls. Calcite and Dolomite are the common minerals found inside the cave. Cave cracks can be observed at the middle portion of the cave.

Aside from the caves, a number of springs and ponds can also be found within the area. One such spring is the Mascap spring. An artificial lake can also be found behind the Wawa Dam at a gorge of the Marikina River in Wawa.

The PPL is also known for its ancient rock units at the Kinabuan Formation which is made up of volcanic basalt and intrusive gabbro which date back to the Cretacious Period of the Mesozoic Era (70-135 million years ago). The Angat Formation, on the other hand, existed as early as the Miocene Period of the Cenozoic Era (20-25 million years ago). It consists of well-bedded to massive limestone, associated with thin siliceous layers and limy sandstone partings. The lower clastic facies consist of thin strata of calcareous shale, clayey sandstone, sandy limestone and conglomerate. This formation is found on the middle portion of the Protected Landscape. The Madlum formation, which is famous for the Buenacop Limestone, dates back to the late Miocene age and was formed 5 to 11 million years ago


The area is environmentally sound with various caves identified with historical significance. The site is potential for camping and viewing natural landscape of white stone. It provides every enthusiast a good place for hiking and the provisions of fresh air as exhibited by the trees and a rocky portion with various caves to be seen.

Other possible ecological activities are: hiking/mountain climbing, viewing of caves and waterfalls, research laboratory and recreational area.

There are local tourists, foreigners, artists, students, mountaineers visiting the place for picnics, sightseeing, mountain climbing, educational tours and sometimes shooting films at the historical place especially during summertime.

Facilities / Amenities

  1.  Park cum butterfly farm and public restroom
  2.  Visitor’s center
  3.  Ticket booth/PASu Office
  4.  Botanical and Zoological Park with Public restroom
  5.  Souvenir shop and multipurpose
  6.  Concrete steps to Pamitinan Cave
  7.  Hanging Bridge
  8.  Trekker’s/Biker’s path
  9.  Hanging bridge over Wawa Dam
  10. Renovated Dam Control Tower cum Gallery
  11. Concrete path with railings and Cantilevered View Deck
  12. Car park
  13. Mini Museum
  14. Dambana ng Kagitingan
  15. Signage

The area is accessible to any kind of vehicle and is approximately four kilometers east of the town proper of Rodriguez. There is no difficulty in reaching the area during summertime. However, it is difficult to go to the site during rainy season due to rough road and occasional occurrence of landslides.


Reynulfo A. Juan – Regional Executive Director
DENCRIS Business Center, National Highway, Brgy. Halang, Calamba City, Laguna
Contact No.: (049) 502-7500

The Protected Area Management Board (PAMB):
Members - 11

Raymundo Crisostomo – PENRO/ Protected Area Superintendent (PASu)
Contact No. (02) 696-3694